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Leader of the Year Honorees

Please note there will not be a Leader of the Year Luncheon in 2023.  We will be hosting our Leaders & Libations event in September of 2023 to provide an opportunity to gather and reconnect. 
We are gearing up for a special celebration in 2024 honoring our 40th Anniversary

2022          Ellen Schratz

2021          Daniel Stapleton, LN '00

2020          Robyn Krueger, LN '04

2019          Fr. James J. Maher, C.M.

2018          Tom Lowe, LN '14

2017          Sara Capen, LN '16

2016          John Percy          

2015          Cathy Walker

2014          Sheriff James R. Voutour, LN '08

2013          Rev. Joseph L. Levesque, C.M.

2012          John Koelmel

2011          Kenneth Franasiak

2010          Jerome Williams

2008          Frank Strangio

2007          Carol Houwaart-Diez

2006         Henry Sloma & Bob Confer
2005          Merrill Lane & John Cooper

2004          Christa Caldwell

2003          G. Michael Brown

2002          Matthew J. Murphy, III

2001          Jerald Wolfgang

2000          Joan G. Aul & Thomas A. Beilein

1999          Kathleen Granchelli LN '88 & John Hoffman

1998          Jane Haenle LN '84 & Richard Soluri

1997          Senator George Maziarz & Mark Francis

1996          Alan Rae, PhD.

1995          Ronald Danielwicz & William G. Mayne, Jr. 

1994          Peter K. Wendel

1992          Henry Kalfas

1991          Legislator Lee Simonson

1990          Senator John B. Daly




Submit a nomination for an individual or organization who significantly impacted the Niagara Region 


Individuals/Organizations from all sectors are eligible for awards. Nominees need not reside in Niagara County, but their impact must be made on the Niagara Region.


Leader of the Year

The award is given to individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership and exemplify Leadership Niagara's mission and core values of excellence, visionary leadership, regional partnerships, diversity and inclusion, societal responsibility, and lifelong learning.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated innovative and visionary leadership. whose long-term active engagement in our community has had a significant, positive impact.

Youth Leader

This award recognizes extraordinary young people for their character and leadership potential.

Emerging Leader

Recognizes a leader who stands out among their peers and has an eye to the future in meeting the needs of the community.

Distinguished Alumn

Recognizes and alumni who distinguishes themselves both personally and professionally and has brought honor to the name of Leadership Niagara in their contributions to the community.

Organization of the Year

Recognizes and organization whose work actively contributes the betterment of the community.

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