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Leadership Niagara's LYNC youth development program is open to all interested high school students from Niagara County and Grand Island who would like to discover and strengthen their leadership skills. 


Attendance is mandatory at all sessions as a requirement for graduation from the program. 


Complete the application and one essay question. After your application is submitted, a LYNC Coordinator from your school will review the applications with our Program Staff. A final selection of students will be made to participate and represent their school for 2024-2025. Upon acceptance, there will be a $50.00 student enrollment fee. This fee is waived for students receiving Free or Reduced Lunch. Please check with your school's LYNC Coordinator to determine the payment procedure, each school is different.



If you have questions or would like to request a paper application by mail, contact Liz Zulawski, President & CEO. 

By email: 

By phone (716) 908-8787



LYNC in partnership with Niagara University offers an opportunity to turn your experience into college credit.


Participants can extend their learning by one month and receive college credit in our EDU 228 course taught by a NU professor. The 3-credit course focuses on the issues of diversity and globalization, democratic citizenship, leadership in personal and organizational frameworks, and individual development. 

LYNC is supported by:


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Choose one question and submit a one-page essay response below: *

1.  What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not     fail?

2.  What does leadership mean to you?

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